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For more than 20 years, Hansfull Trading Company has been well known in the wholesale and importing / exporting industry to carry good quality gift items at very competitive prices.

Backed by these many years in business, HANSFULL TRADING COMPANY continues to strive to excel in customer service.  We are proud of our history and we continuously add more personal touch amongst our customers who have trusted us over these years.

OUR HISTORY: We started as a wholesale store along the busy streets of Broadway in New York City.   We were open from 6 days a week and 10 hours a day. From a  store of wholesaling novelties, we grew into one of the biggest, most-well-known wholesaler in the area.  Retailers, distributors, store-owners and other wholesalers from different parts of the US would go to our store to purchase merchandise to sell and distribute all-over the country.

In February of 2000, since the company has grown to serve various customers across the US and even various international buyers, we decided to operate cost efficiently by closing the NY store and fully operating in LINDEN, NJ where it now resides.


We offer a wide range of products that are divided into various categories that will fit any occasion:

WATCHES various kinds of quality watches, ranging from the basic everyday wear styles to the fashion and trendy styles.

CALCULATORS from world time calculators that to small hand-held to jumbo calculators to fit any need.

CLOCKS a variety of clocks that suits every taste; we have the classic analog clocks to the modern digital/ LCD technology clocks.

ELECTRONICS   an assortment of flashlights, tool kits , radios, etc., the electronics section provides many multi-function items for every requirement.

PORTFOLIOS for the executives; a range of different sized organizers, memo pads, portfolios are found in this category.

GENERAL MERCHANDISE the most diverse category, the general merchandise section offers different items from pens, to tools,  to key rings, to toys and manicure sets, etc.

MESSAGE: To all our loyal customers who have trusted our company for so many years, we extend our most heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for your continued faith in us.

For all our new and prospective customers, we invite you to give us an opportunity to be of service to you as we continuously strive to advance in all areas of our business so  that we may be able to serve you more efficiently and effectively.

Thank you.

For more information about our upcoming shows, please contact us or view our schedule.
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